Choose Your Wash

Get your vehicle POWERFULLY clean!


Plus Wash

$14 or


Ultimate Wash services, plus:

  • FIRE Carnauba Wax*
  • ICE Instant Shine Protectant**



$12 or


Premium Wash services, plus:

  • Extra Wash Time
  • Blazin Glaze***
  • Extra Flash Dry Time



$9 or


Express Wash services, plus:

  • Triple Shine Conditioner
  • Clear Coat Protectant††
  • Wheel scrub



$6 or


  • Pre-soak
  • Soft scrub
  • Spot-free rinse
  • Dry





  • Heavy duty pre-soak
  • Triple Shine Conditioner with Carnauba Wax
  • Clear Coat Protectant††
  • Foaming brush soap
  • High-pressure soap and rinse
  • Bug remover
  • Wheel + Tire cleaner
  • Spot-free rinse
  • Turbo dry
Turtle Wax Logo

All of our automatic and self-serve washes use Turtle Wax® Pro products which get all of the tough, stuck-on dirt, water spots and road grime off your car.

*FIRE Carnauba Wax: Leaves a lasting glossy finish.

**ICE Instant Shine Protectant: Helps protect the surface of your car from harsh weather conditions.

***Blazin Glaze: Helps seal and protect the vehicle surface from weather.

Triple shine conditioner: Delivers a longer lasting glossy finish and reduces water spots.

††Clear Coat Protectant: Helps extend the glossy finish.

Dirty dog? Filthy cat? Keep yourself clean while cleaning them. Visit Swifty’s Pet Wash station at our Huebner/Vance Jackson and Stone Oak @ Huebner locations.