San Antonio's Premier Soft Touch Automatic & Self Serve Car Wash


1. Open 24/7 for all of your vehicle cleaning needs.

2. Swiftwater Car Wash provides state of the art In Bay Automatic Car Washes that use foam brushes to delicately glide over the vehicle’s surface enhancing its gloss and luster, wash after wash.

3. We have multiple self serve bays to cater to those that want to get more hands on. On site vacuums, shampooers, fragrance machines and the only Turbo Dryers in San Antonio.

4. The automatic wash also uses the newest and best technology to adjust the top and side brushes to the exact contour of every vehicle. Each brush uses sensors to stay in constant contact with the vehicle and with just the right amount of cleaning pressure to ensure a clean vehicle.

5. Whether you choose to use our automatic wash or our self serve bays and equipment, you will be satisfied with the product you received, at a very economical price.

6. Swiftwater Car Wash = Powerfully Clean!

7. Car Care Supplies and Cold Drink Vending. *Vending options may vary by location

8. Arctic Rey’s Awesome Ice Purified Ice and Water *Vending options may vary by location

9. Swifty’s Pet Wash, wash your pet without the mess at home. Located at our Huebner/Vance Jackson Location.